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The Roots is a horror-adventure game that tells a story of a courier who, after several unsuccessful attempts of knocking in, decides to find the recipient and hand the order to him by any means. However, the moment the character gets inside the mansion - imposing but unkempt - the feeling of being trapped intensifies, and it seems to be no way out, or...?

The use of headphones is recommended for the best gaming experience.

DoggyFroggy team:

Music & SFX - LocustSound

Text - Oleksa Poliakovska

Code & Other - Morox

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, Unity


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De los mejores juegos que he probado en mucho tiempo, la sensación de pensar estar jugando un resident evil y de repente pasar a un silent hill es una experiencia increible definitivamente lo recomendare a todos mis conocidos, es una carta de amor a los juegos de terror, espero con ansias sus siguientes juegos


I will be playing this live 8/8 around 630-7 PM EST =).



doesnt work on mac

Weird, I tested it on Mac M1 Monterey 12.5 

It works


story is a bit confusing to me and the ending was pretty dumb. The jumpscare at the door was pretty goofy and whats with all the mannequins? gameplay is good tho

Thanks for playing :)


Now, this is a horror-adventure game!!Nice puzzles with an eerie atmosphere! Loved it!!! Great work!!

Hi, thanks for your feedback!


Amazing game, loved the puzzles and atmosphere 10/10!

Thanks, dude!


Well played DoggyFroggy. Well played. I haven't felt authentic fear in a long time and you brought it. Solid 9 of 10. Minus a point for that statue number puzzle but the rest was cool.

Thanks a lot! 


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, visuals, sound effects, and everything was great, I can see a lot of people ran into bugs but seems like I got lucky, and you also fixed a lot of stuff which is great, good work :)


Hi, thanks a lot for playing :)

After obtaining the rubber gloves, I didn't go further to get the mannequin hands because I was unaware that the room was bigger.Might want to make it so that you can get back to that room, because for me personally, there is no prompt for interaction with all(for that wardrobe, that goes to that downstairs area). It's pretty much impossible to progress now just because I didn't collect the mannequin hands or unlock the backdoor

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

I've uploaded an updated version where the wardrobe in the bedroom only needs to be unlocked with the key once, and then you can just open it whenever needed.

If you decide to try an improved version - let me know how it went!


Though I encountered a bug that made it so I had to restart at the end, the game was fantastic. And even that bug was my own fault for missing the obvious directions. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Hi, thanks a lot for playing and for your honest feedback!

What was that bug about?

I'm still uploading updates with improvements and bug fixes, so it would be helpful to know what made you restart.


I didn't use the Small Key on the cupboard when the mannequins were leading there, which seems to have locked out progression. The Blue Key could no longer be used on its door, and I missed the whole stark white section. I'll link the video below if you'd care to track it down. It's somewhere near the 30 minute mark.


That was a cool walkthrough - following you on YouTube now and looking forward to more vids!

And thanks so much for helping me discover those bugs - some things were pretty critical!! All are fixed in the latest update.

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I really enjoyed your game, especially the puzzle elements of it. Very impressed! It looks beautiful and some of the sounds are pretty darn eerie! I don't think the jump scare at the door is very effective,but that could just be down to the years of de-sensitizing my brain with horror games! Please feel free to check out my experience in the video below. Be sure to subscribe if you like the content!

Hey, thanks for the playthrough!

It seems like it's hard to impress you haha, so I'm really glad you enjoyed The Roots. 

And there are always some debates going around jumpscares, yeah :)

(1 edit) (+1)

thanks for taking the time to reply! Its a good game so you should be proud of your efforts! I'll look forward to seeing your future work!


 Horror game cool

Really enjoyed this creepy atmospheric psychological horror! The mannequins were super eerie and were an awesome touch. Looking forward to more! 8.5/10


Also, DoggyFroggy, feel free to reach out via Twitter as I'd love to shout you out on my latest post.
Looking forward to more games!


The piano proved to be too much for me, I did however really enjoy the spooks.


This was such a creepy game. Keep up the great work! 

That was a cool walkthrough! So sorry you didn't see the Blue Key... I'll make an update where it's a bit more obvious. Thanks for playing!


really like this game

good story

creepy atmospire

100% Jumpscare

recomended this game

Thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed it!




Thanks a lot! What do you think about the game?


Hello, good game, spectacular mechanics, fabulous story, fabulous sound, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, thanks

Thanks for the review! I started following you on youtube & am looking forward to more videos!


Nice work with this one! I had a lot of fun, loved the atmosphere and the overall sense of tension/dread. Not entirely sure what was going on story wise but for the most part it's pretty good!
A couple of issues I noticed popping up.
1: The piano puzzle. If you put the vinyl in the player and then go upstairs to the piano, but need to re-listen to the vinyl, you cannot. The game just played the original music and the vinyl was MIA, so I had to replay. I don't think these puzzles are good for gameplay, even if there is a subtle clue, because it relies on player hearing and that's a messy thing.
2: Looks like someone else mentioned the localization bug involving Russian text, so that's all fixed!
3: Please, for the love of god, that jumpscare near the end of the game just didn't need to happen. The big face and loud screaming popping up in the white rooms, genuinely took a lot out of the game for me; which sucks, because I had a ton of fun leading up to there (some frustration with puzzles aside).

Overall though, phenomenal job! Solid 8-8.5/10, I had far more fun than expected and I hope you keep on making games, you've got a great sense of how to make a scary game. Keep up the good work!

Hey Boundless, 

I had so much fun watching your review - thanks a lot, following you on YouTube now & looking forward to more streams!

I also appreciate the detailed comment and feedback, it always helps keep making the project better. 

1. Story explanation: there was a scene with the note in the Blue Room that would have made the setting clearer, but you just ran past it towards the stairs (I guess it's because of that jumpscare you didn't like haha, as you were super-attentive throughout the game)

2. The vinyl bug is fixed.

Thank you!


great jobs creepy!

Heey, thanks for the review! How did you like it?

And ooops, a couple of localization bugs popped up - should be fixed now.


like creepy room and puppet ....nice ispiration PT

(1 edit)

Interesting one...are there any multiple endings?


There is only one ending


I've played it..the only issues I've found were with the translation...and with the ending...I've found it abruptly...but yeah it was interesting game.I liked the puzzles nice atmosphere..

Thanks for playing and for your feedback! Do you remember where the translation issues were?

I've found them some..when I was opening the doors...and when I've tried to read the book while I was in the bedroom!


Thanks a lot!


Nice one!Looks great for a new experience! 

Sometimes it's creepy to walk through the corridors under the sound of footsteps. And I want to note the interesting and simple riddles. That lead you through the storyline.


That's a good one!! This game has everything you would expect from an indie horror - there's ever-growing suspense, there are creepy moments that catch you unprepared, there are puzzles that make you think, and there's a STORY behind it that leaves you contemplating.

Thanks mate, keep up the good work!